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Too many events go by without posting here — I will try to improve.   Celebrating 50 years of marriage!                 Saturday,, August 13, 2016 was a time to celebrate Wendy and Gary’s 50th wedding anniversary.  Dozens of guests including family and friends from their church congregations gathered at their Loon Lake home to enjoy food, drink, conversation and boat rides.  It was a festive time!     ‘Here we go a caroling…’ at the Village of Dannemora gazebo.  Come visit our fellowship on Sundays —  and visit this website frequently, so as to plan on visiting us during future...

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Share a Recipe

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Do you have a great recipe to share with your neighbors? Do you have a suggestion for action by our congregation? TO SHARE a recipe or suggestion:  1) ‘left-click‘ on the ‘Share a Recipe’  text in the white background — to connect with a ‘comment dialog – box’   2) in the box, you can type in your recipe or idea.  3) when finished, ‘left-click‘ on the ‘submit comment‘ button.  Questions?  Ask...

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